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Felix was in our newspaper!


American teenagers have new idols and for them the biggest stars are not famous singers or hollywood actors, but the team that earned their fame on YouTube. Although “stars from YouTube” are unknown to many (older) users of this website, their channels are followed by millions of people and their videos have been watched a few *insert huge numbeer*, and the most famous became millioners thanks to YouTube. Research on this topic was made in cooperation with 1,500 teenagers which were asked many questions about 20 famous people (actors, singers i YouTube stars), how accessible* (*i believe this is the right word) they are, their affect on young people and stuff like that. Many would believe that teenagers still mostly “adore” Johnny Depp or Katy Perry, but first 5 places on their scale go to YouTube stars - on number one is a comedy duo Smosh (Andrew Hecox and Anthony Padilla), while the first actor is on the 6. place - it’s the deceased actor Paul Walker. It’s been established that, unlike actors whose image hollywood creates and sells, the YouTube team is not being manipulated, they are much more accessible to teenagers and often develop close and friendly relationship with their fans. First five most popular stars, besides Smosh, are The Fine Bros, PewDiePie, KSI and Ryan Higa.

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